The Visual Media Guy Flagship Online Course

Over 7 hours of video training designed to take anybody with any level of video marketing knowledge all the way to creating, optimising and publishing your own content. It's entertaining, easy-to-follow and will completely change the way you promote your business or organisation.

"I'm always asked the same question by my clients and extended network - "How can I get my potential customers to watch my marketing films?" 

The answer - create interesting content, publish it online and optimise it to ensure it is visible to the people that want to see it - seems pretty simple but in reality most people give up early in the process and either spend an absolute fortune on a production company to create something for them (leaving them still unsure what to do with it) or, worse still, pretend they don't need marketing videos... in 2022...

I'm guessing this is why you're here. You need to promote your business, you need to create your own marketing videos (because budgets are tight) and you are determined to make these videos work hard to increase your revenue and your profits.

You're in the right place.

Trust me to guide you through the entire process. Together we'll take every step of the journey towards creating your own marketing videos and optimising them for increased sales. Ending with you successfully marketing your business using video, the highest-performing promotional tool on the planet.

We'll cover who you should be targeting, what you should be selling, how to structure your videos, how to shoot and edit them (even if you only have a smartphone) and how to get them in front of your dream clients - your 'avatar'. 

I promise that everything you watch will be fun, educational, easy-to-follow and accessible to everyone, regardless of your skill level."

Darren Hutchinson

Learn how to create your own marketing videos and, crucially, how to get them in front of your ideal clients and customers

How does it work?

  • You learn by watching, every section features a video. As you watch, you learn how to apply each new skill to your own organisation or offer.
  • Every video is crafted to ensure it conveys everything you need to know. They are researched, written and filmed by myself and leading figures within the visual media industry. You can trust what you see.
  • Some sections have accompanying worksheets so that you can make notes as you learn.
  • There are three modules; Avatar, Create and Publish. Within each module there are many different video sections. You can start at the beginning and work your way through (strongly advised for beginners), or you can cherry pick the bits you want to learn and build your confidence in specific areas.
  • This is NOT a subscription service. It is incredibly important to me that you don't need to worry about monthly payments leaving your account. Pay once and everything, including all updates, additions and masterclasses are available to you.
  • There are no premium areas, no hidden charges. Once you're in you never have to spend another penny on it.
  • I'll even give you 7 days to wander around and decide if you like what you see, if you don't then you can leave and you'll get a full refund. That's how confident I am that what we have created here is something that will truly help you, and your organisation, get the edge on your competitors.

Watch this video featuring real clips from the course


Here's what you'll learn:

Module A

Avatar & Audience


Identify your Avatar & Audience

What are you promoting or selling?

Where to reach your audience

Aspect ratios & pixels

Structure and script

Filmed or animated?


Module B


How the module works

DIY or DFY (Done For You)

What is a video camera?

Camera settings

Lenses, zoom & focus

Stabilisation and movement


Using your phone as a video camera

What to shoot and how to shoot it

Capturing quality audio

How to edit your footage

Stock footage

Music licensing

2D Animation

Resizing your videos

Add text to social media videos

Add captions (subtitles)

Using apps to create content

Data management & file sizes


Module C

Publish & Optimise

How the module works

Keyword research


Your website

Social media

Darren Hutchinson,

your instructor

With over 20 years experience in the visual media industry, Darren is one of the most accomplished and sought-after video marketing professionals in the UK. With over a thousand hours of broadcast TV and hundreds of promotional campaigns to his name (from small charities to global brands), there is nobody better qualified to help you create marketing videos that attract customers to your organisation.



We're so confident that you'll love being a part of this course, and the community, that we'll happily give you a full refund if it's not for you. Just let us know within 7 days. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!


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