Do you have half an hour a day for five days to watch our FREE 'Overcoming the 5 Fears of Video Marketing' course?

Well, you've got this far, so let's assume you do (and it won't cost you anything!)

Creating your own marketing videos is easy when you understand a few simple techniques. The problem is that most business owners and marketers just can't get started with it.

Shooting video can appear to be daunting at first but fear not, we've got you covered.

Let's start with something simple - a FREE five-day course that will help you overcome:

Day 1: The fear of not knowing what to film

Day 2: The fear of presenting

Day 3: The fear of equipment

Day 4: The fear of editing

Day 5: The fear of not knowing how to get it out there


Our experienced team of filmmakers can create your promotional videos and marketing strategy for you.

Darren Hutchinson has his own film production company - Visual Experience Specialists Limited. The company structure includes the Dreamscope TV brand which was created by Darren in late 2002 and is responsible for thousands of promotional videos and TV shows. This link will take you to the website where you can find out all about what we do, it even walks you through our pricing structure.


In-person video marketing training with Darren Hutchinson

Darren carries out a number of team workshops across the year. If you would like Darren to spend the day with your management/marketing team showing them exactly how to use video marketing to increase your turnover then get in touch to find out how it all works. Prices start from £3,600+VAT


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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s great when you find a real gem and this is definitely one to watch. Every video is nice and easy to follow.  It’s in bite size chunks which was really useful as I could watch it round my busy schedule, I have learnt so much. I would definitely recommend it, a huge thumbs up from me.

-Suzanne Gibson, Ecompli

The course has some incredible comprehensive content, broken into sections that makes it easy to access the specific information you need. The information is explained in a clear, understandable, way that is easy to implement. It is also evident the depth of knowledge, expertise and experience Darren has in this area.

-Anna Reddy, Leap Health

Darren has a wealth of experience, is really easy to listen to and is a personable instructor. The course has been written and presented to keep you engaged throughout. It’s helped me understand how to write and record marketing videos specifically for my target market and also publishing and using the videos to maximise the audience and results.

-Paul Limb, ActionCOACH

It is obvious that Darren has a wealth of experience and depth of talent in what he does. Having created this online resource to share some of his skills he demonstrates again that he is doing the right thing and from the heart. Thank you Darren.

-Neil Welsh, PM&M Wealth Management

Video is the latest and greatest trend in digital marketing and critical to marketing strategies. Darren’s online video marketing training platform is easy to follow whilst covering all topics comprehensively ensuring a good understanding even for those not technologically minded, like myself.

-Jayne Rafter, Retail & Leisure International

Adaptation is the name of the game for continued growth and success and Darren’s expert training allowed us to adapt our marketing strategy to attract AND keep clients engaged and informed. If you are looking to maximise your business profile, expand your clientele and optimise your online content and profile, this is 100% the programme for you.

-Jeannette Jackson, Manchester Stress Institute

Darren's course is so comprehensive, easy-to-follow and enables business owners to get stuck in straight away, and create their own video content for multiple channels. I highly recommend Darren and his team, you should join this course right now!

-Liz Hardwick, DigiEnable

Clear, concise and very easy to follow. Darren's presentation style is natural, precise and engaging throughout. The program is high value for any business person or marketing professional, it provides a solid overview and is a resource to keep revisiting as your business progresses. 

-Steve Edge, OPTSM

Congratulations Darren on making a potentially daunting topic so easy to follow and importantly, motivating me to apply your tips and techniques. Your knowledge and experience shine through and I recommend this course to marketing professionals and business owners alike.  A fabulous resource to have in the tool box.

-Karen Tems, BNCEL

We're here to help, it's what we do.

If you would like to chat to us about video production or video marketing then please feel free to send us an email at [email protected] or a DM on Darren's LinkedIn page or pick up the phone any time Monday to Friday 10am - 6pm GMT (UK time) +44 (0)330 445 8080. You're guaranteed a friendly, honest conversation.